Our top ten list of the best Texas motorcycle roads can be found below.
These amazing motorbike trips in Texas take you over vast plains and natural wonders. As the country’s second-largest state, there’s plenty to see while riding your motorcycle here. Take a look at these Texas rides that include National Parks, stunning waterfalls, and breathtaking scenery. For a direct Google Maps route, click on each Texas motorbike map link. These are Texas’ greatest motorbike roads. help to buy the best motorcycle helmets and sunglasses that you may love.

What Are The Top 10 Best Motorcycle Rides In Texas?

  1. Lajitas to Santa Elena Canyon (59 miles)
  2. Marble Falls to Tom Hughes Park (58 miles)
  3. Three Twisted Sisters (112 miles)
  4. Willow City Loop (21 miles)
  5. Route 170 – The River Road (115 miles)
  6. Kerville to Bandera (37 miles)
  7. Hurstown to Newton (76 miles)
  8. Park Road 4 (16 miles)


  • FM170
  • DISTANCE: 59 miles
  • TIME: 1.5 hours

This is one of the best motorbike routes in Texas, and it is located in the Big Bend area. The trip itself is a pleasant ascent into the mountains from west to east. This road begins in Lajitas on FM170 and continues to the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. With mountains, valleys, hills, and twists, it’s a very spectacular trip. The route’s final leg takes you along the Rio Grande to the breathtaking Santa Elena Canyon Overlook. The park’s Chisos Basin region features several twisting switchbacks as well as some massive rock formations to bike around. For a longer cycle, extend this journey to the Big Bend National Park entrance nearby.


  • Route 1431, 2769, Lime Creek Rd, Bullick Hollow Rd
  • DISTANCE: 58 miles
  • TIME: 1.5 hours

The Colorado River, just north of Austin, is the focal point of this motorbike ride in Texas. Begin your journey in Four Points, TX, just outside Austin’s northwestern outskirts, near to Lake Travis, and continue to Marble Falls. The western part of this motorcycle route has several very tricky twists and hairpin turns, making it a great challenge for more experienced motorbike riders. As of 2022, vast stretches of the Anderson Mill section of the trip have new pavement, which is a huge improvement. Enjoy this thrilling motorcycle journey with several turns, hills, and beautiful landscapes.


  • TX-41, 337, 335, 336
  • DISTANCE: 112 miles
  • TIME: 2.5 hours

This fantastic motorbike trip is known as Texas’ own ‘Tail of the Dragon,’ and with good cause. These roads slice and swirl across Central Texas’ dense green hills, passing by clear rivers. There are miles of continuous switchbacks, sweeping curves with beautiful vistas, and some nice downhill curves – all of which provide motorcyclists with a highly tricky and exciting ride to manage. In terms of landscape, most motorcyclists believe that spring is the finest time to ride here. Flowers are blooming everywhere, and the colours are spectacular. Enjoy this thrilling ride through some of Texas’ most beautiful countryside! (Note that as of 2021, Route 337 may be partially blocked due to current development.)


  • DISTANCE: 21 miles
  • TIME: 40 mins

The Willow City Loop is a 21-mile loop located a few miles outside of Fredricksburg in Central Texas. Willow City Loop in is a wonderful trek through the open range known for its spectacular wildlife views. Take this route for a one-of-a-kind combination of narrow, rural back roads with breathtaking scenery and few crossroads or crossings. Weekend traffic on this loop can be heavy with sightseers, so ride this TX motorbike road through the rugged, awe-inspiring Texas Hill Country early in the morning or on weekdays.


  • DISTANCE: 115 miles
  • TIME: 3 hours

Farm Road 170, which begins in the little far western town of Candelaria and runs along the western Texas border, is a highway for adventurous motorcyclists. Because it skirts around the US side of the Rio Grande River, 170 is also known as “The River Road” by locals. Ride through ghost villages and the rugged Big Bend Ranch State Park on this Texas motorbike road with steep inclines and hairpin curves. In fact, there are rollercoaster-like height fluctuations in several places, and the Rio Grande is frequently visible from the roadside.


  • TX-16
  • DISTANCE: 37 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

This gorgeous, magnificent Texas back road is located just west of the above mentioned ‘Twisted Sister’ route. Begin this thrilling Texas motorcycle journey from Kerrville on Route 16, through via Medina and on to Bandera. Here are a few reasons to ride with caution: keep an eye out for deer, especially if you’re riding early in the morning or late at night. And, because of the number of twists, gravel might catch you off guard in some places due to cars running off the road edge. In the spring and fall, though, the countryside is particularly lovely. There are many terrific bends, tight turns, sweeping curves, breathtaking scenery, and multiple river crossings as you ride along. Locals will tell you that it’s best to ride this from north to south, but it’s so much fun that you’ll want to turn around and do it all over again.


  • Route 87
  • DISTANCE: 76 miles
  • TIME: 1.5 hours

Texas State Highway 87 is widely regarded as one of the top motorcycle highways in the state. This east Texas north/south route along the Louisiana state line is a wonderful ride with a lot of hills and twists, as well as some lengthy straightaways to really open up on. Optionally, take a circle through South Toledo Bend State Park and up LA-191 across the state line.


  • DISTANCE: 16 miles
  • TIME: 30 min

There’s a lot of terrific motorcycle riding in Texas along the big Colorado River, but this is one of the greatest. Texas Park Road 4 begins with a straight road with some beautiful hills, followed by a large hill that drops with amazing valley views. Along the way, you’ll pass by some beautiful places like Cavern State Park and Inks Lake State Park. State Roadway 29 and US Route 281 are connected via this highway. For even more roadside splendour, take this route in the spring during bluebonnet season. Your only gripe will be that this Texas motorbike road is far too short. If you’re anything like us, you’ll turn around and ride it again.

In Texas, there are a few things to keep in mind when riding a motorcycle.

Texas has a diverse spectrum of climates due to its immense area. In the summer, the temperatures and humidity on these motorbike roads are extremely high. Motorcycle jackets and leggings with mesh panels can aid with airflow. If you plan on riding these TX motorcycle routes this time of year, you should check into the many types of cooling vests and other apparel. Normal leathers will be comfortable to wear when riding thanks to the nice spring and autumn seasons. In the winter, most of these Texas conditions are best ridden with standard four-season riding gear.

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