Best Schuberth Helmet in 2022

Best Motorcycle Helmet Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon

Schuberth is a Magdeburg-based German helmet manufacturer. Most of us are familiar with their motorcycle helmets, but they also offer safety helmets for police and firefighters, as well as carbon fibre helmets for car racing drivers (including Formula 1 teams).

As a result, they have a lot of knowledge and know-how when it comes to creating helmets.

They focus on manufacturing durable, high-quality helmets, particularly investing in their own safety testing and aero – however, this isn’t always reflected in their SHARP safety testing results or noise-canceling abilities!

Schuberth Motorcycle Helmet

Many nice products originate from Germany, like Schuberth, a well-known cycling helmet manufacturer.

They’ve created and constructed some of the most technologically advanced and modern helmets on the market today, with a focus on safety, comfort, and usage.

They have more than 70 years of experience and have designed helmets for firefighters, military personnel, and police officers.

So rest confident that when you put on a Schuberth helmet, you’re putting on 70 years of experience.

Complete offer from Schuberth

The various hues allow you to match the colours of your helmet to the colours of your favourite motorcycle jacket, motorcycle pants, or electronics. Furthermore, because of the wide range of helmet types available, our Schuberth helmets may be worn with practically any riding gear.

Still undecided about which helmet is best for you? Our customer service representatives are always glad to assist you in locating the ideal Schuberth helmet.

About Schuberth Helmet

Best Motorcycle Helmet Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon

Schuberth, the head maker, was formed in 1922 in Germany and has always prioritized performance, security, and high quality.

Schuberth’s first motorcycle helmet, the “Aero 1,” was introduced in 1951, and the business has enjoyed tremendous success in the motorcycle market since then.

In 1982, Schuberth engaged in research and development by purchasing their own wind tunnel, which allowed them to study the helmet’s airflow, as well as the effects of heat and rain.

In 1984, Schuberth became the first helmet manufacturer in the world to introduce a helmet built according to aerodynamic principles, that is, a helmet designed to have the least amount of air resistance.

Today, high-quality Schuberth helmets are exported to 55 countries with tremendous success, attracting a massive expansion in the global market.

Like Michael Schumacher, Arie Vos, Filip Backlund, and Erwan Nigon, many successful drivers use Schubert helmets.

Schuberth helmets were chosen as the greatest brand for the eighth year in a square in the German magazine Motorrad’s “Top Brand” competition, with the best results in more than 30 foreign tests.


Q. Are Schuberth helmets made in Germany?

A. For more than 70 years, SCHUBERTH Helmets, based in Magdeburg, has been developing and manufacturing high-end head protection systems. Today, a staff of over 400 people creates helmets for 55 nations, combining heritage and excellence. Designed and manufactured in Germany.

Q. Which Schuberth helmet should I buy?

A. Are you on the lookout for the ideal Schuberth helmet? You’ve arrived at the right location! We have a large selection of Schuberth helmets at ChromeBurner. In terms of helmet type, design, colour, and style, there are many options. Whether you choose a bright helmet or a basic helmet in a more subdued hue, you’ll find it on our webshop.

Q. What is the quietest Schuberth helmet?

A. In fact, it’s one of the quietest helmets in the world producing around 82 decibels of noise at 100 kph (62 mph.)

Q. Are Schuberth helmets a tight fit?

A. According to the Schuberths, the helmet should always fit snugly to avoid movement during a fall. Grab the sides of the helmet and move it around while wearing it. Your head should follow the movement of the helmet. As the Schuberth settles in, it does get comfier.

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