The following is a comprehensive list of the greatest motorbike rides in Oklahoma. Discover gorgeous back roads and scenic byways that invite you to discover Oklahoma’s attractive communities and original culture. Are there any states that are considered flyovers? Not for us; we’d rather RIDE through the midwestern states of the United States! For a direct Google Maps route, click on each Oklahoma motorbike map link. These are Oklahoma’s top motorbike roads.

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What Are The 5 Best Motorcycle Rides In Oklahoma?

  1. Talimena National Scenic Bywy (35 miles)
  2. Whichita Mtn Wildlife Refuge (30 miles)
  3. Lake Stanley Draper Loop (13 miles)
  4. Route 259 (62 miles)


  • OK-1
  • DISTANCE: 35 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

The Ouachita National Forest is traversed by this Scenic Byway. This motorbike journey in Oklahoma dips and swirls for 54 miles along OK-1, the highest point in height between the Appalachians and the Rockies, and is the highest point in elevation between the Appalachians and the Rockies. The ride delivers constant curves as it twists over slopes and mountain peaks, with 22 viewing views.


  • Route 49
  • DISTANCE: 30 miles
  • TIME: 45 mins

The Whichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is located southwest of Oklahoma City on this east-west motorcycle path in Oklahoma. There are a few interesting curves to work with, but the majority of the terrain is wide open large lengths of Oklahoma countryside. The route is well-paved, and there is very little traffic for bikers to contend with. The refuge is home to huge natural grazing species including bison, elk, and white-tailed deer, so there are lots of wildlife sightings along this trail. Just keep an eye out for bison.


  • Stanley Draper Road
  • DISTANCE: 13 miles
  • TIME: 20 mins

Check out this Oklahoma motorbike route right off of Highway 240 for a quick, pleasant ride around Lake Stanley Draper. The scenery is beautiful, with the lake and several trees always nearby. On the south end of the lake, you’ll pass the dam. This is a particularly wonderful Oklahoma motorcycle ride for novices, since the loop can be used to provide excellent training for anyone looking to improve their cornering skills. There are a number of roads identified as Points that lead down to the lake, some of which feature spectacular turns.

4. ROUTE 259

  • US-259
  • DISTANCE: 62 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

This road can be found immediately off the Talimena Scenic Drive mentioned before. As you climb into the Ouachita Mountains, Highway 259 is full of rapid sweepers, and it stays that way all the way to Broken Bow, OK. This route has numerous picturesque lakes to ride around as well as many historic sites, making it one of Oklahoma’s top motorcycle highways. Take Route 144 to Honobia as a side trip for another exciting, hilly road.


You can ride any month of the year in Oklahoma, because to its hot summers and temperate winters. If you’re planning a motorcycle ride in Oklahoma during the summer, expect temps to reach the mid-90s. In that situation, mesh-style jackets or leggings, or other sorts of hot weather riding clothing, are always recommended for maximum airflow.

For any winter riding in Oklahoma, insulating, wind-blocking jackets and motorcycling leggings are recommended. The spring and fall seasons are ideal for riding; however, be prepared for rain by bringing rain gear. While the majority of Oklahoma’s most severe weather, such as tornadoes and strong storms, occurs in the late spring and early summer, severe weather can occur anytime from April to October. Before going out, it’s usually a good idea to check the weather forecast.
Only motorcycle operators and passengers under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets under Oklahoma law.

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