The 7 best motorcycle roads in Nevada are listed below in detail.
Our list includes journeys through ghost towns, hot springs, and “America’s Loneliest Road,” which runs from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe. You’ll understand why Nevada is unlike any other state. With these fantastic motorbike trips in Nevada, you can explore the state’s best roadside treasures! For a direct Google Maps route, click on the Nevada motorbike maps.

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Best Motorcycle Rides in Nevada

  1. Hoover Dam to Valley of Fire (103 miles)
  2. Lincoln Highway to Reno (60 miles)
  3. Red Rock Canyon Road (24 miles)
  4. Mount Charleston Loop (58 miles)
  5. Loneliest Road in America (382 miles)
  6. North Red Rock Road (25 miles)
  7. Route 266 (40 miles)


  • Lakeshore Road, Route 167, Valley of Fire Hwy
  • DISTANCE: 103 miles
  • TIME: 2 hours

The Hoover Dam is a sight to behold in and of itself. When you add in the Valley of Fire, you’ve got one of Nevada’s top motorcycling roads. Start at the Dam and go northwest along Lake Mead to Valley of Fire State Park, a geologic marvel. The variety of landscape – Aztec sandstone, canyons, a lake reservoir, and a big, open desert road – is part of what makes this Nevada motorbike trip so special.


  • US-50, NV-28, NV-431
  • DISTANCE: 60 miles
  • TIME: 1.5 hours

This Nevada motorbike path passes along Lake Tahoe in the south. A stunning motorbike ride in Nevada is made possible by the sweeping mountain views found among the curves near Mt Rose. These curves are not suitable for inexperienced riders.


  • NV-159, Scenic Loop Dr
  • DISTANCE: 24 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

If you’re looking for a motorcycle road near Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. Nevada Route 158, which arcs around south via the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, is just 20 miles west of Vegas. On NV-159, which connects Route 215 and Route 260, there are some spectacular mountain vistas. Along the way, you’ll encounter some challenging bends as well as some fantastic sweepers. Include the one-lane Scenic Loop Rd that is provided in the map link. There are a few brief curves to negotiate. The legal speed restriction is modest on this road, yet it allows you to take in the spectacular mountain desert scenery. If you wish to stretch your legs, go on one of the nearby hikes.


  • ROUTES 156, 157, 158, 95
  • DISTANCE: 58 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

Looking for a decent motorbike road to get away from the heat of the desert? This Mount Charleston motorbike journey is about 20 miles north of Las Vegas. This circle takes you through the lovely Mt Charleston Mountain range in Nevada, where you may take in the landscape. Along Deer Creek Rd, there are several lovely curves with views of the adjacent mountains, as well as some nice, long stretches. The woodland pines provide a welcome change of sight from Nevada’s wide desert motorcycles. It’s without a doubt one of the best motorbike rides in the Las Vegas area.


  • US-50
  • DISTANCE: 382 miles
  • TIME: 6 hours

The Loneliest Road in America is US Route 50. This Nevada motorcycle journey covers the huge Great Basin Desert and passes through several odd tiny communities. Its most arid, yet maybe most interesting, portion is its 300-mile span.


  • DISTANCE: 25 miles
  • TIME: 35 mins

This Nevada motorcycle trip leads north to the California border into Doyle and the Red Rock Cliffs region, just north of Reno. The Dog skin Mountains may be seen in the distance from N Red Rock Rd, which is a smooth motorcycling route with a reasonable mix of sweepers and twist. It’s a pleasant drive that takes you past farms and ranches. Because Route 395 connects both ends, this provides for a wonderful loop ride.

7. ROUTE 266

  • NV-266
  • DISTANCE: 40 miles
  • TIME: 40 mins

Nevada Route 266 is a terrific motorcycle road that connects California’s famous Westgard Pass road to Nevada’s Route 95. The White Mountains and the Sierras are visible from here. The road is beautifully paved, but narrow and winding as it crosses the California state line, making it a tough ride for those wishing to polish their riding skills on a magnificent mountain desert highway. Visit the Bristlecone Pine Forest in the north. It’s roughly a 20-mile detour from Highway 168, but it’s well worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle in Nevada?

Most people think of Las Vegas when they think of motorcycle riding in Nevada. While there is some excellent riding in Vegas, Nevada is a large state with miles and miles of terrific motorcycle routes to explore. Many motorcycle enthusiasts who visit Nevada immediately learn that the state boasts some of the best motorcycle routes in the country.

Is it possible to bike all year in Nevada?

The weather in the southern portion of Nevada is hot and sunny all year, so you may enjoy riding in this section of the state all year. However, because Nevada is such a huge state, snowfall and freezing temperatures will be experienced in the northern part of the state throughout the winter months.

In Nevada, do I have to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycle drivers and passengers are required by Nevada law to wear helmets that have been authorised by the US Department of Transportation. If the vehicle does not have a transparent windscreen, riders and motorcyclists must also wear goggles, glasses, or face shields.

In Las Vegas, where can I ride a motorcycle?

The Hoover Dam is about an hour’s drive east of Las Vegas. From Hoover Dam to Valley of Fire Road is one of the top motorcycle rides in the state. Nevada Route 158, about 20 miles west of Vegas, is a fantastic motorcycling road with spectacular mountain vistas in the Rock Canyon National Conservation area.

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