1. Mohawk Trail (72 miles)
  2. Route 52 (30 miles)
  3. Quabbin Reservoir Loop (54 miles)
  4. Heath to S Deerfield (44 miles)
  5. Route 105 (29 miles)
  6. Westport Loop (15 miles)
  7. Route 119 (13 miles)
  8. Dartmouth Loop (27 miles)
  9. Newburyport to Cape Anne (41 miles)
  10. Cape Cod on Route 6A (30 miles)

Our comprehensive list of the top motorcycle rides in Massachusetts can be found below! Though it is one of America’s smallest states, Massachusetts offers a startling variety of environments for motorcycle riders, ranging from windswept beaches to forested mountains. On these motorbike routes, see everything Massachusetts has to offer, replete with road descriptions and direct Massachusetts motorcycle map links. help to buy best motorcycle helmets and sunglasses that you may loved.


  • Route 2
  • DISTANCE: 72 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 40 min

The legendary Mohawk Trail, which travels east/west through the northern half of the state, has some of the nicest roadside beauty in Massachusetts. This fantastic motorcycle journey in Massachusetts started as a Native American trade route and offers stunning vistas of the Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers. From the NY border to the MA-202 region, this route is at its best. You’ll drive through Shelburne Falls and N Adams, as well as the Mohawk Trail State Forest, on your way to the Mohawk Trail State Forest.

2. ROUTE 57

  • MA-57
  • DISTANCE: 28 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

This is the road for you if you’re seeking for a motorcycle roller coaster ride! From New Marlborough, take MA Rte. 52 east for 30 miles to Southwick. This Massachusetts motorcycle route spans through the southern part of the state and includes a variety of elevation variations as well as some beautiful scenery. Near Sandisfield State Park, the ride is at its best, and it continues with some excellent lengthy turns near Granville State Forest. After early October, the foliage colours are vibrant, making autumn a terrific time to ride here. Long expanses, sweeping curves, and tight twists overlooking mountains and hills characterize the road.


  • ROUTES 202, 122, 32A
  • DISTANCE: 54 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 15 min

This Massachusetts motorcycle road around the Quabbin Reservoir and provides some excellent riding in the state’s middle region. Connect with MA-32A in Petersham and head south to Hardwick from Route 122. Route 32A is a quieter road with tighter curves and less traffic than MA-202, and it passes through some lovely, scenic farmland in the south. Along MA-202, there’s a beautiful scenic overlook to see, and the New Salem Convenience Store has a terrific sandwich and great service.


  • ROUTES 116, 8A
  • DISTANCE: 44 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 15 min

This northeastern Massachusetts motorcycle route offers spectacular mountain and river views, as well as significant elevation variations. Route 8A is a little-known gem that runs through Vermont. It’s a short, winding mountain road that runs alongside Mill Brook Creek through dense forest. There are also lovely farmland vistas south of Route 2 with elevation changes. Scenic Route 116 begins with some spectacular twists and extensive flowery fields. While it is not as well-known as the Mohawk Trail, many believe it to be the best motorcycling road in Massachusetts.

5. ROUTE 105

  • MA-105
  • DISTANCE: 29 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

Massachusetts has several fantastic motorcycle routes between Boston and Cape Cod. One of them is MA-105, which runs beside multiple ponds near Lakeview, Massachusetts. Just south of Halifax, there are some lovely, long stretches. Some of it passes through peaceful suburban towns, but the forested area between the Great and Little Quittacs Ponds makes up a large portion of this Massachusetts motorcycle road. As of 2021, the road has been repaved, and you’ll be riding among stunning lake vistas and dense woodland.


  • DISTANCE: 15 miles
  • TIME: 30 mins

As you loop around the Horse neck Beach Reservation area, you’ll see Westport’s agricultural and ocean view roadways. On Beach Rd, across bridges, and from marinas, there are some spectacular views of the Atlantic. Make sure the map link includes the causeway road to Gooseberry Island. Summer is the greatest time to ride this route because it is always a few degrees cooler near the water in this region of the state. However, because it is a lesser-known jewel with little traffic, motorcyclists can enjoy riding this fantastic Massachusetts motorcycle road.

7. ROUTE 119

  • MA-119
  • DISTANCE: 13 miles
  • TIME: 20 mins

Route 119 from the NH border to the Townsend region is one of the best motorcycle trips in Massachusetts. The forested area of northern Massachusetts has twisting, tight turns. The road then opens up pleasantly with lake vistas as you get closer to the NH border. The stretch of this route in Massachusetts is only 13 miles long, but it continues to be a fantastic motorcycling road all the way through New Hampshire and into Brattle borough, Vermont.


  • DISTANCE: 27 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

Ride down some of Dartmouth’s nicest roads on this tranquil MA motorbike ride. Rivers, countryside, and gorgeous coastal and marina views are all part of this motorbike journey. This route has a few side roads, so click the map link below for a direct Google maps route and enjoy the ride.


  • ROUTES 1A, MA-127
  • DISTANCE: 41 miles
  • TIME: 1.5 hours

From the great town of Newburyport to the Cape Anne peninsula just north of Boston, take a tour of “America’s Oldest Seaport.” There are beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, breathtaking views, and narrow, winding roads that connect it all. There are some tight turns along quaint Route 127, as well as some nice open farmland stretches along 1A in the Newbury area (all of which are included among the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway.) In the upper northern part of the state, ride this fantastic Massachusetts motorcycle route to see a wide variety of scenic diversity. Continue north on Route 1A to enjoy the beautiful state beach area of New Hampshire.


  • ROUTE 6A
  • DISTANCE: 30 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

While many people choose Route 6 to tour Cape Cod, it is not always the best route to take. Route 6A is a better route to take if you’re riding a motorcycle around Cape Cod. Ride east from Sandwich to Orleans. You’ll see more of the Cape’s famous marshes, state park preserves, and quaint communities. If you want to ride to the northern tip of the island, Route 6 will take you there, passing by the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle in Massachusetts?

From the mountainous and forested Berkshire Mountains in the west to the ocean-side roadways of Westport and Cape Cod in the east, Massachusetts boasts a diverse network of roads. Because it is a northeastern state, the greatest motorcycle riding season is from April to November, as the cold and snow season begins in December and lasts until March.

In Massachusetts, do I have to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle?

Every individual operating a motorbike, riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, or travelling in a sidecar attached to a motorcycle is required by Massachusetts law to wear a helmet.

Which Massachusetts motorbike ride is the best?

For motorcycle riders, Massachusetts Route 2 (also known as the Mohawk Trail) is the most popular road in the state. Route 116 and Route 8A, which straddle the Mohawk Trail, are a lesser-known spectacular motorcycle journey. It runs from South Deerfield, Massachusetts to Vermont and is one among the state’s top motorcycle trips.

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