The best motorbike roads in Louisiana are listed here in detail. From regal oaks and their stately crowns to the enormous cypress and their knobby knees, Louisiana has a diverse terrain. Allow the good times to roll as you ride down riverfront roads with bayou views on these Louisiana motorbike lanes. For a direct Google Maps route, click on the Louisiana motorbike map links.

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What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides In Louisiana?

  1. Livonia to Plaquemine (46 miles)
  2. Ponchatoula to Sorrento (40 miles)
  3. Alliance to South Toledo Bend (32 miles)
  4. New Roads to Baton Rouge (32 miles)
  5. Boom Or Bust Scenic Byway (92 miles)
  6. Louisiana Route 307 (19 miles)
  7. Glenmora to Washington (54 miles)
  8. Bogue Chitto Loop (60 miles)


  • Route 77
  • DISTANCE: 46 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 10 mins

Route 77 from Livonia to Plaquemine is first on our list of the top motorbike rides in Louisiana. This is a fun path that follows the bayou and twists and curves. You’ll pass by many trees coated with Spanish moss, as well as farms and fields, as you ride. The majority of motorcyclists consider this to be a fun ride with twisties, scenery, and little traffic.


  • Route 22
  • DISTANCE: 40 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

This path takes you through southern Louisiana’s riverbank and bayou sights. It’s a lively, twisting road with some tight turns, particularly around the French Settlement region. As of 2019, the pavement is in excellent condition. Splitting off Route 22 and using Route 444 or 42 for a wider loop westward is an optional LA motorcycle journey.


  • Route 191
  • DISTANCE: 32 miles
  • TIME: 40 mins

This north-south road from South Toledo Bend State Park to the Texas border offers some of Louisiana’s best motorcycle rides. You’ll be riding through thick trees, fields, and some long stretches that will allow you to stretch your legs. Cross the state line and enjoy a scenic trip through Sabine National Forest on Texas State Highway 87.


  • Route 415
  • DISTANCE: 32 miles
  • TIME: 45 mins

On this fantastic Louisiana motorbike road, you may experience beautiful green and rural surroundings. Between New Roads and Port Allen, Route 415 has very little traffic. While this route isn’t particularly technical, it is an enjoyable road with long sweepers and some excellent vistas of the Mississippi River. It’s a fantastic ride for both sport and touring bikes.


  • LA-2. LA-146
  • DISTANCE: 92 miles
  • TIME: 2 hours

The Boom Or Bust Byway is a National Scenic Road that runs parallel to Highway 2 and is bordered on the west by the Louisiana/Texas boundary and on the east by the loop around Homer. Our motorbike path continues southeast on LA-146, which is an absolute must-see. There are plenty of twists and hills, as well as wonderful shady trees hanging over the road. The entire route across Louisiana takes you through tall trees, lovely lakes, and bayous.
Views of brilliant wildflowers, calm bayous, serene plantations, shady woodlands, and richly productive agriculture are included in the journey.

6. ROUTE 307

  • LA-307
  • DISTANCE: 19 miles
  • TIME: 25 mins

Highway 307 is one of the shortest rides on our list of the greatest motorbike roads in Louisiana. On this route, there are a lot of sweepers, and then the turns start to get tight. It’s a pleasant trip through agricultural and residential areas. Combine this route with Laurel Valley Road, which is of a similar nature. Take Highway 20 north to River Road and bike amid the plantations for a taste of Louisiana history.


  • LA-167, LA-3042, LA-363
  • DISTANCE: 54 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 15 mins

Check out this 54-mile route via Routes 167 and 363, which connects Glenmora and Washington, if you’re looking for a beautiful country road to ramble around on. You’ll bike down to Chicot State Park along the southern side of Cocodrie Lake. There is flat, open land with many farms, as well as some winding, wooded roads. Turn south onto Highway 3042 from LA-167 to ride near the state park for a more scenic trip.


  • LA-167, LA-3042, LA-363
  • DISTANCE: 60 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 20 mins

This Louisiana motorcycle route connects the villages of Bush, Bogalusa, and Covington by looping around the Bogue Chitto River. LA-40, which is very curvy and uphill, and LA-60, which is a fantastic, shady road, are highlights of this ride. This amazing motorbike route in Louisiana has a lot of hills and curves through lovely countryside.

Tips for Motorcycle Rides in Louisiana

Because of its short and moderate winters, nice fall and spring seasons, and long, scorching summers, motorcycling in Louisiana is a year-round activity. If you’re going on a ride between October and April, a base layer under your riding jacket and jeans will keep you warm. Mesh or vented riding gear will help you cope with the excessive heat and humidity in the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Louisiana’s Helmet Law?

It is illegal in Louisiana to operate or ride a motorbike without wearing a safety helmet with a chin strap that is properly secured. So get your gear on and get ready to ride some of Louisiana’s best motorbike roads.

What are the requirements for riding a motorcycle in Louisiana?

To ride a motorcycle in Louisiana, you’ll need a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s licence. Motorcycle licences are not issued separately in Louisiana. The endorsement for motorcycles is always applied to the driver’s licence. To operate a motorcycle lawfully, you must first have a valid driver’s licence.

In New Orleans, where can I go for a ride?

Just under an hour from New Orleans, Route 307 is a fantastic trip. A wonderful road up to Ponchatoula is Route 22 in Sorrento, which is also an hour east of New Orleans.

Is it legal to split lanes in Louisiana?

Yes. The act of riding a motorcycle down the middle of two lanes of slowed or halted traffic is known as lane splitting. In the state of Louisiana, it is prohibited. It is necessary for a motorcyclist to wait alongside the autos.

In Louisiana, do motorcycles require turn signals?

Motorcycles are not needed to have electrical turn signals, but riders who do not have them must utilize acceptable hand signals.

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