The top motorbike rides in Kentucky are listed here in detail. Riding a motorcycle in Kentucky is a great experience. Forests, rivers, lakes, wildlife, and a plethora of wonderful motorcycle roads abound in the Bluegrass State. With our extensive route descriptions, you’ll be able to experience the 8 finest Kentucky motorbike rides. For a direct Google Maps route, click on the Kentucky motorbike map links.

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What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides In Kentucky?

  1. Morehead to Louisa (66 miles)
  2. Bedford to Burlington (67 miles)
  3. Red River & Nada Tunnel (31 miles)
  4. W STATE HWY 22
  5. Salt River Road (32 miles)
  6. Kentucky Route 10 (58 miles)
  7. Russell Cave Rd (21 miles)
  8. Cumberland Falls Rd (20 miles)
  9. Irvine to Beatyville (26 miles)


  • Route 32
  • DISTANCE: 66 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 35 min

This two-lane mountain road winds through Eastern Kentucky’s woodlands and stretches across open farmland. This Kentucky motorcycle route is normally well-kept and is a wonderful country road to ride, especially in the fall and spring. Riders will be treated to breathtaking views of Yatesville Lake and Kentucky mountainside landscape.


  • Routes 18, 338, 42
  • DISTANCE: 67 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 40 min

The Ohio River and Big Bone Lick State Park run across much of this rural Kentucky motorbike route. Ride through the hills of Kentucky on winding country roads past some of the state’s most picturesque horse farms. A nice ride along the river is Route 42. On these roads, traffic is usually light, and there are some fantastic twists and bends to appreciate while taking in the landscape.


  • Routes 77, Bert T. Combs Mtn Pkwy
  • DISTANCE: 31 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

Take this route through the historic 900-foot long Nada Tunnel, located off of Route 77, to see one of Kentucky’s most unusual motorbike roads. Start your Kentucky motorcycle journey near Stanton, on the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway, and ride through the “tunnel” (don’t forget to remove your sunglasses!). After a while, the route becomes Sky Bridge Rd. This path offers stunning views, particularly of Kentucky’s towering gorges and the Red River Gorge. Take a detour to Natural Bridge State Park, which provides several spectacular lookouts.


  • West State Highway 22
  • DISTANCE: 30 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

State Highway 22 is one of Kentucky’s lesser-known motorcycle journeys, but it’s one you won’t want to miss. It boasts well-kept pavement and numerous twisties. You’ll be riding through some lovely Kentucky countryside while honing your technical skills.
This Kentucky motorcycle route runs from Willow to Williamstown, with a brief connection to US-27. It’s only an hour journey, but it’s one of Kentucky’s best motorcycle rides.


  • Route 920
  • DISTANCE: 32 miles
  • TIME: 45 mins

This 2-lane Kentucky motorbike road just east of Elizabethtown has some fantastic turns. KY-920 has a lot of fun turns, but it can be a little narrow at times. On this peaceful route, though, the most of this motorbike ride in Kentucky will be over vast fields and deep woodlands.

6. ROUTE 10

  • KY-10
  • DISTANCE: 58 miles
  • TIME: 1.5 hours

Northern Kentucky’s Route 10 offers a gorgeous country scenery. This motorcycle journey in Kentucky begins in Alexandria, which is located just southeast of Cincinnati, Ohio. To Maysville, KY, on the western side of this route, ride alongside rows of cornfields and rural countryside. There are numerous twists to negotiate, generally short straightaways twisting through low-rolling hills. Because the scenery is wide farmland with minimal trees, visibility is often good around these turns. For a longer circular ride, turn west onto Route 22 into Falmouth and up KY-27. This popular motorcycle route in Kentucky will take you through a mix of farms, small towns, and valleys for an interesting ride.


  • KY-353
  • DISTANCE: 21 miles
  • TIME: 30 mins

Looking for a wonderful way to clear your mind on a Kentucky motorbike ride? This is the path you should choose! Russell Cave Road is a 21-mile stretch of farmland that offers peaceful Kentucky motorcycle riding. A morning ride down Russell Road might be one of the most relaxing rides you’ll ever have in the state. Stop at Mt. Brilliant Farm to enjoy the tranquilly of Russell Cave, Lexington’s most beloved landmark.


  • KY-90
  • DISTANCE: 20 miles
  • TIME: 30 mins

Route 90 brings bicyclists through a small fraction of the grandeur that Southern Kentucky has to offer via Cumberland Falls Highway. Take Route 90 north from Parkers Lake to U.S. 25W. It’s a fantastic motorcycle ride through the deep woodlands of Kentucky. Stop by Cumberland Falls State Park for a view of Cumberland Falls.


  • KY-52
  • DISTANCE: 26 miles
  • TIME: 45 mins

The gentle rolling hills and beautiful sweeping curves of Kentucky Route 52 make for a great motorcycle trip. As you travel through Kentucky’s hills, you’ll see gorgeous farming region. The road will have hills and switchbacks as you ride into Beatyville, all with vistas of steep cliffs. Optionally connect to Furnace Junction Rd and the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway because of its proximity to the Red Gorge area. This location has some of Kentucky’s best motorcycle rides!
Continue east on KY-499 into Witt, KY for even more twists and a nice ride through pleasant countryside.

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