Our comprehensive list of the top motorcycle roads in Florida can be seen below. The “Sunshine State” is unusual in that it offers something that few other states do: mild winter riding! Discover some hidden gems on these motorbike trips through Florida’s various state and national parks, which offer wonderful bends and slopes. While riding around Florida on a motorbike, we’ve included some journeys along the nicest coastal routes, which will provide you with expansive ocean vistas. For a direct Google Maps route, click on the Florida motorcycle map links.

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What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides In Florida?

  1. Tamiami Trail to Everglades (159 miles)
  2. Florida Route 19 (55 miles)
  3. Miami to Key West (155 miles)
  4. Lake Apopka Loop (47 miles)
  5. Ozello Trail (10 miles)
  6. Hastings to Key West (42 miles)
  7. Green Swamp Loop (72 miles)
  8. Weeki Wachee Ride (15 miles)


  • Routes 41, 997, 9336
  • DISTANCE: 159 miles
  • TIME: 3 hours 10 mins

The Tamiami Trail ranks first on our ranking of the top motorbike rides in Florida. We’ve included a 155-mile itinerary in this guide. Before “Alligator Alley,” Interstate 75, it was the oldest east-west highway across Florida’s southern point. This route takes you through huge swaths of green savanna, cypresses, and mangroves.

If you want to experience motorcycling through the undisturbed marshes where southern Florida’s wildlife resides, this is a must-ride. While there aren’t any sweeping curves or dramatic elevation changes on this Florida motorcycle trip, riders will still be able to relax and enjoy the beauty and fauna. Just keep an eye out for gators, snakes, and turtles on the side of the road.

2. ROUTE 19

  • FL-19
  • DISTANCE: 55 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

Every Florida rider understands that the ‘Sunshine State’ is much more than just beach riding. Between Palatka and Altoona, this peaceful north-south Florida motorcycle road passes through Ocala National Forest and alongside Lake George. The national forest is a hidden jewel in the middle of the state, providing a terrific ride for anyone looking to get away from the sun and the ocean while enjoying the shade provided by the park’s trees.

The Ocala National Forest is strategically placed between Interstate 95 and Interstate 75, making it accessible from anywhere in the state. While the majority of this route is a straight shot, there are numerous opportunities to stretch the legs and explore some of the forest’s neigh bouring trails. Take in the scenery of Florida’s ancient horse ranches and marshes.


  • Route 1
  • DISTANCE: 155 miles
  • TIME: 4 hours

Fuel yourself and get ready for a 155-mile ride from Miami to Key West in the sun. Route 1 is unquestionably one of Florida’s most popular motorcycle trips, thanks to its abundance of sunshine and breathtaking vistas of the coast. There are state parks to explore, lovely seaside towns to visit, and many interesting stores to visit along this FL motorcycle road all the way down to the Southernmost Point of the Continental United States.

Keep an eye out for roadside gators, turtles, and snakes once you’ve passed through Florida City. For the most part, this journey is at a leisurely pace, and the Seven Mile Bridge is an unforgettable experience in and of itself! It will take a few hours to cruise the Florida Keys, so enjoy the voyage and take advantage of the many opportunities to stretch your legs before arriving at gorgeous Key West.


  • Routes 48, 561, 455, 438, 429
  • DISTANCE: 47 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 20 mins

Lake Apopka is located northwest of Orlando. As you ride through farms and pine trees, there’s enough of beautiful scenery to take in, with plenty of interesting twists and elevation changes (for Florida, at least!). Check out the adjacent Green Mountain observation platform and take one of Florida’s best motorbike rides.


  • State Route 494
  • DISTANCE: 10 miles
  • TIME: 20 mins

One of the shorter motorcycle trips in Florida is also a hidden gem that should not be overlooked. About 60 miles north of Tampa is the Ozello path. On this laid-back road on central Florida’s Gulf Coast, there are lots of twists and gorgeous scenery. This could be some of the best twisties in the state. Peck’s Port Cove serves excellent food, and Ozello Park is located at the end of the road. This is a fantastic path to ride even if you are a novice or have a moderate skill level. This path will make you wish it was longer.


  • Routes 13, 13A
  • DISTANCE: 39 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

This beautiful Florida motorbike journey follows the St Johns River, the state’s longest river. Whether you ride north or south, this path provides spectacular views of the river. Navigate a few twists and curves via shaded roads, which are provided by the number of oaks and Spanish moss trees that line this route, making it a pleasant ride even in the summer. Along the journey, there are various parks to visit, including Riverfront Park and Alpine Groves Park. Overall, this is a gorgeous straight, well-paved road that is ideal for riding a motorcycle in Florida at any time of year.


  • FL-33, FL-50, State Rte 471, Green Pond Rd
  • DISTANCE: 72 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 40 min

This route takes you on a gorgeous tour of the Green Swamp Preserve as well as some pleasant country roads. It’s a vast preserve with wetlands, flatlands, and low ridges covering 560,000 acres. This Florida motorcycle journey has several long stretches, particularly on Highway 33, where you may crank up the throttle a little. Green Pond Rd becomes Rockridge Rd, with some exciting twists and turns to enjoy while taking in the countryside. Make sure you take Lake Erie Rd and Bay Lake Rd as detours (included in the map link). The roads are said to be in decent shape overall as of 2021, but keep an eye out for the occasional sandy places.


  • Route 597, 595, Cortez Blvd
  • DISTANCE: 15 miles
  • TIME: 25 mins

This short motorcycle journey on the Gulf side of Florida takes you through the Aripeka Sandhills, past Weeki Wachee Springs, and through the grass flats along the Gulf. Make a left at the north end of this path, and the Pine Island beach is a few miles up the road. There are some great straightaways and turns. It’s a peaceful ride through rural areas that will transport you to a bygone era in Florida. The only drawback is that you’ll wish it was longer.

Tips For Motorcycle Rides in Florida

In Florida, especially during the summer months, the heat and humidity are extremely high. Ride in breathable motorcycle clothing, such as mesh motorcycle jackets and pants. These are abrasion-resistant and armoured, yet they’re also ventilated with large mesh panels for maximum airflow. Additionally, lightweight riding clothing is essential due to the likelihood of frequent thunderstorms and severe showers on your motorbike journeys.

Is Florida a Helmet-Required State?

Florida has a partial helmet rule, which states that you are not forced to wear a helmet if you are over the age of 21 and have an adequate insurance policy. Helmets are required for younger motorcyclists. On these Florida motorcycle lanes, wearing protective gear is always a good idea, as there is a potentially deadly mix of both young and senior drivers with limited abilities. Also keep in mind the large number of tourists who may be unfamiliar with the roads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Florida a suitable place to ride a motorcycle?

While Florida may not have a large number of steep twisties, it does have one thing that most other states do not: mild winter riding! The landscapes of Florida are usually flat, and the state’s motorbike routes are mostly straight. However, there are some fantastic motorcycle rides in Florida, such as those along the St Johns River, in the Green Swamp, and on many of the state’s coastal ocean-side roads.

Are motorcycles safe in Florida?

According to a survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, Florida is the most dangerous state in the country for motorcycle riders. Riders may, however, keep safe by remaining aware, avoiding too fast speeds, and wearing protective gear. Riders should be on the lookout for older drivers who may be impaired, as well as a large number of visiting tourists who may be unfamiliar with the roads.

Are there any twisting roads in Florida?

While much of Florida does not have a lot of twisty roads, there are some unexpectedly winding paths to be found. Lake Apopka Loop near Orlando and the Ozello Trail just north of Tampa are two of our featured routes with the most turns.

Is there a helmet law in Florida?

Any rider under the age of 21 is required to wear a helmet. If you’re over 21 and have a Florida motorcycle licence, you’ll need motorcycle insurance with at least $10,000 in medical benefits if you don’t wear a helmet.

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