Here’s our comprehensive list of the top Colorado motorbike rides! Colorado features some of the most breathtaking motorcycle routes in the country, connecting mountain resorts, artists’ colonies, and pioneer communities.

Colorado is not just a popular motorcycle destination, but it also features a wealth of beautiful natural areas and a variety of services for riders. So grab your saddlebags and head off on one of these incredible Colorado motorbike routes. For a direct Google Maps link, click on the Colorado motorbike map links.

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What Are The Best Motorcycle Rides In Colorado?

  1. Loveland to Rocky Mountains (90 miles)
  2. San Juan Mountain Skyway (129 miles)
  3. Colorado 92 (73 miles)
  4. Independence Pass (80 miles)
  5. Mount Evans Scenic Byway (28 miles)
  6. Grand Junction to Placerville (141 miles)
  7. Peak to Peak Highway (61 miles)

Tips For Motorcycle Rides in Colorado

Colorado’s weather is volatile, especially in the state’s mountainous regions. Rain gear and thick clothing should always be packed, as snow has been reported in July at these higher elevations.


  • Route 34
  • DISTANCE: 90 miles
  • TIME: 2.5 hours

Many of the best motorcycle routes are naturally found in national parks, and the Rockies are no exception. This enormous road from Loveland to Rocky Mountain National Park is first on our list of the top motorcycle rides in Colorado. This Colorado motorbike journey takes you across the park’s northern and western sections, with high heights, wide open roads, and gorgeous mountains. Start in Loveland with an awesome canyon ride, then continue through the wonderful town of Estes Park and past Lake Granby.


  • Route 550
  • DISTANCE: 129 miles
  • TIME: 3 hours

This stunning Colorado motorbike road crosses over several mountain passes that rise to over 11,000 feet above sea level. The stretch between Ouray and Silverton is known as the “Million Dollar Highway.” These highway sights reveal the magnificence of these massive mountains. Another advantage is that this road is not as busy or congested as some of the country’s other motorbike routes.


  • C0-92
  • DISTANCE: 73 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 40 min

This winding and seldom trafficked road winds its way around the Gunnison Gorge area and southeast into Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park’s interior flank. As the route meanders along the Gunnison River, there are some spectacular views of alpine aspen groves, dense forests, and mountain overlooks, making this one of the best motorcycle rides in Colorado.


  • CO-82
  • DISTANCE: 84 miles
  • TIME: 2 hour 20 min

Glenwood Springs is located on the route’s northern entrance and is known for having the world’s largest developed hot springs. Look to the south between Glenwood Springs and the tiny town of Basalt for a view of Mount Sopris’ scene-stealing magnificence. There are steep and abrupt switchbacks with stunning views of the Continental Divide as you climb this epic Colorado motorbike road. This route is closed from October to May due to the high altitude and winter road conditions.


  • CO-5, CO-103
  • DISTANCE: 28 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

At 14,130 feet above sea level, one of Colorado’s most thrilling motorbike trips is also the highest paved road in North America. The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is located just west of Denver and is accessible through Highway 7o. Pine groves will eventually give way to breathtaking views of glacier-carved valleys and peaks. Riders should be cautious due to the lack of guardrails as they ascend the switchbacks, and there will almost certainly be Bighorn sheep near the road, so bring your ‘A Game’ and enjoy the trip.


  • CO-141, CO-145
  • DISTANCE: 141 miles
  • TIME: 3 hours

This is a motorbike ride in Colorado with little traffic, good roads, and plenty of high-speed sweepers. The route follows a magnificent narrow canyon for the first 40 kilometres, then tops out and descends into a huge glacier basin.

The next 50 miles will take you to Naturita, where you’ll pass through red and tan Navajo Sandstone walls. Motorcyclists will also appreciate the fact that this is a seldom-used road with little traffic. This is one of the best motorcycle rides in Colorado because of the beautiful panoramas, the blue skies that contrast with the bizarre red of the rocks, and the winding route.


  • CO-119, CO-72, CO-7
  • DISTANCE: 61 miles
  • TIME: 1.5 hours

This Colorado motorcycle road will provide bikers with some of the best riding in the state. The Peak to Peak Highway, which was built in 1918, offers breathtaking views of the Front Range Mountains in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The route features a good combination of twisties, big sweeping turns, and tight, fast corners.

On this beautiful highway, riders will be treated to breathtaking sights. Feel the cool, pure air in Black Hawk, which is over 8000 feet above sea level, and Estes Park, which is over 7000 feet above sea level. Because this road has become increasingly popular in recent years, a weekday ride may be the best option. However, this is undoubtedly one of America’s best motorcycle routes, so if you have the opportunity to ride it on any given day, you will not be disappointed.

Is There a Helmet Law in Colorado?

Riders aged 18 and up are not required to wear helmets in Colorado, according to state law.
Riding clothing that protects you is always a smart idea. Because of the quantity of snow ploughing in this state, the roads are littered with loose gravel and sand, thus motorcyclists should be wary of these hazards.

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