1. Pig Trail Scenic Byway (26 miles)
  2. Arkansas Route 123 (63 miles)
  3. Arkansas Route 7 (156 miles)
  4. Clarksville to Jasper (102 miles)
  5. Fort Smith to Eureka Springs (117 miles)
  6. Push Mtn Rd to Mountain View (46 miles)

Below is a comprehensive list of the top Arkansas motorcycle rides. Along these Arkansas motorcycle routes, “The Natural State” offers some breathtakingly gorgeous sights, from the rolling Ozark mountains to the Delta flatlands and the Mississippi River. Discover the greatest motorbike places in Arkansas by clicking on the Arkansas motorcycle map links for a straight Google Maps route. help to buy the best motorcycle helmets and sunglasses that you may love.

Tips for Motorcycle Rides in Arkansas

Riders of all skill levels will find Arkansas motorcycle routes to be very easy and accessible. In the mountain regions, however, expect rain on a regular basis, especially in the spring. Expect hot and humid weather throughout the summer, so breathable riding gear is a good idea. Autumn motorcycle touring in Arkansas calls for four-season gear. With the exception of northern Arkansas, which can experience snow, the winters are moderate.


  • ROUTE: 23
  • DISTANCE: 26 miles
  • TIME: 40 mins

The Pig Trail Scenic Byway, which runs through Ozark National Forest, is one of Arkansas’ most well-known motorcycle trips. From the Interstate 40 exit, the byway follows Arkansas Highway 23 north through the national forest to the village of Brashears, AR. This ride takes place in the steep and forested Boston Mountains section of the Ozark Mountains. During the hot summer months, you’ll often be riding under a canopy of trees, which makes for a pleasant, shady ride. ‘The Pig’ contains curves, hairpins, elevation changes, and beautiful scenery, making it one of Arkansas’ top motorcycle rides.


  • AR-123
  • DISTANCE: 63 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 25 min

AR-123 passes through Ozark National Forest for the most part, earning it the nickname The Dragon Tail. This Arkansas motorcycle journey features curves, hairpins, and elevation changes while being surrounded by gorgeous mature hardwood forest.

If you can take your eyes off the road long enough to look around, the scenery is spectacular! Fortunately, the ride itself is fantastic, so you won’t be disappointed if you miss any vistas. Make a point of stopping at Haw Creek Falls for a quick stroll. This road has significantly less traffic than the more popular Pig Trail Byway. While few motorcyclists traverse the Ozark Forest stretch, the route north of Mt Judea remains excellent.


  • DISTANCE: 156 miles
  • TIME: 3 hour 30 min

This fantastic Arkansas motorcycle road offers some of the nicest roadside views in the entire state. This route passes through the Ouachita National Forest in the south and the Ozark National Forest in the north. You’ll be able to see canyons, lakes, rivers, woods, and wildlife while riding.

There are several lovely sites where you can take a break and observe the stunning surroundings, including the Boston Mountains. Make a point of visiting the Grand Canyon of Arkansas! The road surface is likewise in excellent condition, which adds to the enjoyment of the curves and elevation changes.


  • AR-21, AR-16
  • DISTANCE: 102 miles
  • TIME: 2 hour 15 min

Highway 21 runs across the Boston Mountain range of the Ozarks from Highway 64 in Clarksville and the Buffalo National River in Newton County. The 35-mile highway offers spectacular valley views, glimpses of abandoned homesteads, and the rare sighting of a bear or eagle.

The route is plenty with twisties and sweepers that will keep you engaged for a long time. Take Route 16 east to see the 135-foot-long Alum Cove Natural Bridge and the surrounding caves where Native Americans used to hide during hunting journeys.


  • US-71, US-62
  • DISTANCE: 117 miles
  • TIME: 3 hours

This wonderful motorcycle road in Arkansas comprises Route 71, a twisty road that hugs ridge tops and makes steep descents, and offers some spectacular mountain views. You’ll also pass through small towns and farms on your way to Rogers, AR, which is roughly 80 miles away. U.S. 62 leaves Rogers and goes east to Eureka Springs, passing through dense forest and climbing and descending mountains.

Between Gateway and Eureka, this path is at its best. It’s another 35 miles from Rogers to Eureka Springs. As of 2022, the majority of this road is in great condition. By going west on Route 74 from Winslow, you can take a short diversion to Devil’s Den. You’ll find some of the best twisty backroads in the world here.


  • AR-341, AR-14, AR-87
  • DISTANCE: 46 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 10 min

This is the ride for you if you’re seeking for an adventurous ride in Arkansas. The twists and drop-offs on Push Mountain are well-known among motorcyclists. You’ll descend to the valley bottom from alpine peaks with steep drop-offs. As it weaves across three mountain ranges, this is one of the most picturesque rides in the Ozarks.

While there are lots of fantastic bends and switchbacks to keep you on your toes, the course isn’t too difficult for intermediate riders to navigate. Push Mountain Rd is a fantastic ride any time of year, but it’s especially beautiful in the fall. For a longer loop ride, head south of Yellville to Route 14 for some additional great riding.

What is the Helmet Law in Arkansas?

Motorcycle operators and passengers under the age of 21 are required by Arkansas law to wear a helmet. Aside from that, all motorcycle riders must wear eye protection. On your motorcycle, daytime headlights are also essential.

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