Here’s our comprehensive list of the top 8 Arizona motorbike roads! Arizona is home to some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes.

The Best Motorcycle Rides In Arizona

  1. AZ-188 to Mesa (131 miles)
  2. Flagstaff to Wilhoit (108 miles)
  3. N Bush Hwy to Tortilla Flat (44 miles)
  4. Oatman Highway (48 miles)
  5. Springerville to Three Way (130 miles)
  6. Bartlett Lake (24 miles)
  7. Mt Lemmon Hwy (26 miles)
  8. Route 260 to 87 (34 miles)

There are plenty of wonderful highways to motorcycle through, with miles of the open road, boundless desert skies, and an abundance of natural treasures. These are Arizona’s top motorbike routes and locations. So saddle up and begin your journey! For a direct Google Maps route, click on the Arizona motorbike map links.

Tips for Motorcycle Rides in Arizona

Arizona is a state with a lot of sun and heat. Preparing for the weather before your excursion is usually a smart idea. Cooling vests and mesh motorcycle jackets and leggings are ideal for hot weather riding. While hot temperatures are prevalent from June through September, the winter months and early spring are ideal for riding these Arizona roads on a motorcycle. help to buy the best motorcycle helmets and sunglasses that you may love.

1. AZ-188 TO MESA

  • ROUTES 188, 60
  • DISTANCE: 131 miles
  • TIME: 2 hour 22 min

This is one of Arizona’s best motorcycle roads, and it’s not far from Phoenix. Ride through the Tonto National Forest, which is densely forested with miles of open vistas. This route features a wide range of scenery, including long straightaways, desert terrain, twisties, hills, and descents. Along with AZ-188, there will be spectacular views of Theodore Roosevelt Lake and the surrounding mountains. Motorcycle the Beeline Hwy (AZ-87) southbound back to the Phoenix/Mesa area if you have time for a longer loop ride.


  • ROUTES 89A, 89
  • DISTANCE: 108 miles
  • TIME: 3 hours

Most people associate Arizona with the Grand Canyon. The routes south of Flagstaff into Sedona, however, are a must-see, especially for motorcycle riders. The amazing Arizona motorcycle journey along State Route 89A takes you past various state parks and woods.

There are breathtaking vistas of enormous mountains and red rock formations around every corner. Throughout your trip, you’ll have opportunities to peep over breathtaking cliff overlooks that provide stunning views of the canyon.

Many riders agree that riding south is the greatest way to take in these views. Begin in Flagstaff’s lush, craggy woodlands and work your way down the canyon to Prescott. Expect gridlock in Sedona, but the scenery south of Jerome makes up for it with spectacular bends and viewpoints near Wood chute Mountain.


  • DISTANCE: 44 miles
  • TIME 1 hour 11 mins

The “Bee-Line Hwy” RT87 is one of Arizona’s top motorcycle trips. Take Usery Pass Road to reach Arizona 88, popularly known as the Apache Trail, which will lead you to the Superstition Mountains. This route passes through beautiful desert landscapes, mountains, and even Canyon Lake.

Tortilla Flat may be reached by taking Route 88. The road was recently repaved, which is a significant improvement. While many people turn around at this point, there is an 8-mile length of lovely pavement that is well worth riding. (The exact location of where the pavement terminates can be found by clicking the map link.)

Adventure riders can continue on the packed gravel portion into Roosevelt for spectacular views of Arizona’s high wall canyons and other stunning locations.


  • DISTANCE: 48 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 15 min

This is the road for you if you’re searching for a hard ride! Oatman Highway is a fantastic Arizona motorcycle road that runs through the Black Mountains of Mohave County. It’s also a strenuous and remote trip that takes you straight along Route 66.

The road narrows and steepens as you approach Sitgreaves Pass, which rises to 3,550 feet, with a series of hairpin switchbacks hugging the slope, no shoulders, and few guardrails. Because of the number of tight turns, it is recommended that vehicles larger than 40 feet do not attempt to travel on this road. (You’ll know it’s a good motorcycle route when you see it!)

As you ride through the Black Mountain region, you’ll get some amazing views of the mountains and their rock formations. Ride carefully and keep an eye out for donkeys.


  • ROUTE 191 (US-191)
  • DISTANCE: 130 miles
  • TIME: 3 hours 14 min

The designated Coronado Trail Scenic Road segment of this north-south United States highway is an extremely fantastic Arizona motorcycling road. It is not advised for inexperienced motorcyclists and is known as the Devil’s Highway (ancient Arizona 666 Highway).

While twisting and looping through the Apache–Sitgreaves National Forests in eastern Arizona, this route passes through forests, deserts, canyons, reservoirs, and mountain panoramas. As you travel north, the road becomes more elevated, and you’ll be able to stop to see the breathtaking scenery.

This course, in fact, has a 5,000-foot elevation change from start to finish, providing a remarkable variety of vistas. Some riders consider this to be the best motorcycling road in the Southwest.


  • DISTANCE: 24 miles
  • TIME: 40 mins

A wonderful little road leads to Bartlett Lake, an artificial reservoir formed by the Verde River dam, just 30 miles north of Phoenix. Begin this Phoenix region motorcycle route in Cave Creek, Arizona (a lovely little biker town) and ride west towards the lake, taking in amazing vistas of the Superstition Mountains. It’s a thrilling trip that will take you up to 3200 feet in elevation, twisting and turning through the desert and rolling hills before bringing you closer to the lake.

The motorbike journey to Bartlett Lake will be an unforgettable combination of natural beauty, western culture, and a breathtaking aerial view of the East Valley.


  • DISTANCE: 26 miles
  • TIME: 45 mins

Check out this AZ motorcycle road just 20 miles from Tuscon for spectacular views and a thrilling ride. From Tanque Verde, take Mt Lemmon Hwy and climb from 2500 to 8000 feet in only a few short, action-packed miles.

Riding up this elevation shift allows you to notice the changes in greenery and temperature. The road surface is generally in good condition, with plenty of curves, straightaways, and twisties. You’ll have spectacular views of the valley floor as well as the stunning rock formations while you ride. On weekends, this route might be congested, so it’s best to cycle it early in the morning.

8. ROUTE 260 TO 87

  • AZ-260
  • DISTANCE: 32 miles
  • TIME: 35 mins

Looking for a cool path to go during the summer? This Arizona motorbike journey will gain elevation, providing relief from the hot heat. It’s a pleasant ride through the Ponderosa Pine forest, with some spectacular desert views.

You’ll bike through some high-speed sweeping twists that will allow you to travel at a good speed while remaining safe. As of 2022, the road surface is in excellent condition. Keep an eye out for elk, especially if you’re riding in the early morning or late at night.

This Arizona motorcycle trip is adjacent to the above-mentioned Sedona ride from Flagstaff, making for a fantastic motorcycle tour through some of the state’s most beautiful places.

Is There a Helmet Law in Arizona?

Only motorcycle operators and riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet under Arizona law.

Protective riding gear, on the other hand, is usually a good idea. Road hazards such as sand, pebbles, and potholes may be present on some of these Arizona motorcycle excursions. Remember that motorcycle shades aren’t just for looking stylish; they’re also an important safety feature that keeps debris out of your eyes while also keeping perspiration and sun out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Arizona a good place to ride a motorcycle?

Yes. Arizona is known for being one of the most motorcycle-friendly states in the United States. There is plenty of sunshine, as well as miles and miles of pristine motorcycling roads to explore.

Can you ride a motorcycle year-round in Arizona?

Yes. The weather in Arizona makes it a great place to ride your motorcycle all year. In the northern section of the state, especially around the Grand Canyon, moderate snowfall might occur, therefore adequate riding gear is recommended throughout the winter months.

Where can I ride in Phoenix?

Tonto National Forest is just over an hour from Phoenix and has some spectacular routes. One hour from Phoenix is the Tortilla Flat motorbike trip. South Mountain Summit Road, a 6-mile-long road near downtown Phoenix, is a very short route. Take a ride to the top for spectacular views of the city.

Can motorcycles ride side by side in Arizona?

Each motorcycle in Arizona is allowed to take up a complete lane or go side by side with another motorcycle. You must appropriately announce your lane change and use the second lane to overtake and pass another vehicle when passing another car.

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