Here’s a comprehensive list of Alabama’s top motorbike rides! These motorbike routes will take you through rolling hills, lush forests, and along the Gulf Coast’s stunning white beaches. On these fantastic motorbike roads, follow the path of Alabama’s rich cultural history! Discover the greatest motorbike places in Alabama by clicking on the Alabama motorcycle map links for a straight Google maps route.

What Are The Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in Alabama?

  1. Little River Canyon Parkway (16 miles)
  2. Alabama Route 25 (20 miles)
  3. Natchez Trace Parkway (33 miles)
  4. Talladega Forest Loop (52 miles)
  5. Guntersville Lake (32 miles)
  6. Daleville to Geneva (33 miles)
  7. Paint Rock to Estillfork (29 miles)
  8. Route 159 (31 miles)
  9. Rock Mills to Selma (143 miles)
  10. Bankhead National Forest (46 miles)

Tips for Motorcycle Rides in Alabama

Prepare for hot and humid weather if you’re riding in the summer by suiting jackets and pants that provide good airflow. Packing some light rain gear is a good idea as well, since severe storms are not uncommon in the south during the spring, summer and autumn. Fall is arguably the best time to ride in Alabama, as the cooler temperatures and autumn colors make for a very comfortable and scenic ride. The higher elevation areas of Alabama can get a bit on the colder side in the winter, so be prepared by using a quality layers.

What is the Helmet Law in Alabama?

Alabama does have a helmet law, which requires anyone riding or operating a motorcycle to wear protective headgear specifically designed for motorcycle riders and passengers.

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  • ROUTE 176
  • DISTANCE: 16 miles
  • TIME: 30 mins

This two-lane motorbike road in Alabama winds through the Little River Canyon Natural Preserve’s dense woodland. It’s one of our shorter rides, but it’s a beautiful one. Begin your Alabama motorbike trip at the Little River Canyon’s Overlook Trail. It’s a nice, curvy route with plenty of opportunities to see the canyon and waterfalls along the way. The greatest time to ride this ride is in the autumn, when the foliage is at its height. The breathtaking vistas will not disappoint you at any time of year! While many of Alabama’s most famous picturesque motorcycle highways feature overpasses, dams, and overlook canyons, the deep trip down the Little River Canyon is a must-do in the Heart of Dixie!


  • AL-25
  • DISTANCE: 20 miles
  • TIME: 30 mins

This is without a doubt one of Alabama’s best motorcycle routes, as well as one of the most challenging. As you ride by river canyon overlooks and massive rock formations off to the side, you’ll be treated to spectacular landscapes and breathtaking views as you cross the mountain. Just east of Birmingham, this highway connects AL-411 and AL-231. Around Thomson Gap and Coosa Mountain, riders may expect some spectacular sweeping bends and severe hairpin corners. Overall, the pavement is in good shape. As you ride across the rural portions of central Alabama, hone your technical skills. While travelling the entire 257-mile State Highway 25 is an experience in itself, the part between Leeds and Vincent is the most thrilling. Best of all, commercial cars are not permitted.


  • DISTANCE: (AL side) 33 miles
  • TIME: 35 mins

“A Drive Through 10,000 Years of History,” according to the National Park’s website. This Alabama motorbike route passes through the heart of the De Soto National Forest and offers plenty of breathtaking views as you wind your way through the hills. It follows the “Old Natchez Trace,” a historic route utilized by American Indians, European settlers, and military. The thick piney wood woods in this forest normally hide most of the landscape from the neigh bouring roads, so the open area here is a welcome break. This motorbike road is not very well frequented, thus it is a peaceful ride with no commercial activity. And the best part? There are no stop signs, traffic signals, or crosswalks! Simply cruise around the breathtaking countryside and historic landmarks. It’s one of the country’s most distinctive motorbike trips. The road begins in Tennessee and finishes in Mississippi, although the Alabama segment is about 33 miles long and runs through the state’s northwest corner.


  • AL-49, AL-281, HWY 9
  • DISTANCE: 52 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

The name “Talladega” says it all: this is where you’ll get your money’s worth when it comes to Alabama landscape. The northern section of the circle in the magnificent and rocky Talladega National Forest is very spectacular on this Alabama motorbike route. Follow this route up to Cheaha Mountain (at 2,799 feet), where you’ll find a plethora of other wonderful routes that are rideable almost all year. Route 49 follows the south slope of the mountain, passing past farms, meadows, small towns, and stunning fall colours. The Talladega Scenic Drive, which travels through the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains and is a terrific ride in and of itself, is included in this route. The lush woodland exemplifies how beneficial all national forests and parks are for motorbike riders in terms of preserving nature’s beauty.


  • ROUTE 67, AL-35, AL-227
  • DISTANCE: 32 miles
  • TIME: 45 mins

In the northwest corner of Alabama, near Lake Guntersville, take a ride through the magnificent forests, waterfront roads, and causeways. Through Lake Gunterville State Park, you’ll find some of the best twisties in the state, as well as some beautiful scenery. For the most part, you’ll be riding beside the Tennessee River and the lake. This is a fantastic Alabama motorcycle ride in almost any season, with excellent overall road pavement quality as of 2022. This road is wonderful for riders of all skill levels because it has a lot of simple bending corners and great lake vistas. It’s usually just a relaxing ride. It’s also a wonderful option to the adjacent US-79.


  • AL-85
  • DISTANCE: 33 miles
  • TIME: 45 mins

Check out AL-85 from Daleville, AL to Route 52 for a lovely Alabama motorcycle ride just north of the Florida state line. It’s a pleasant little trip with little traffic and minor elevation changes, but if you’re looking for a low-key, peaceful motorcycle ride in southern Alabama, this is the route to choose.


  • AL-65
  • DISTANCE: 29 miles
  • TIME: 45 mins

AL-65 runs west of Huntville in northern Alabama. Take Route 65 north from Paint Rock, AL, up to the Tennessee state line, off of Route 72. The pavement is excellent, and there are even a few twisties to keep you on your toes. Enjoy this trip across Alabama’s countryside.

8. ROUTE 159

  • AL-159
  • DISTANCE: 31 miles
  • TIME: 35 mins

If you’re looking for a motorbike road near Birmingham, Alabama, you’ve come to the right place. Just over an hour west of the state capital, Route 159 may be found. Begin in Gordo, Alabama, and ride north for 31 miles to Fayette, Alabama. It’s a picturesque, steep road that motorcyclists will like for its peace and quiet. You’ll pass through pasture fields, undulating hills, and even elevation variations.


  • AL-22
  • DISTNCE: 143 miles
  • TIME: 3 hours

Alabama Route 22 is a historic state highway that cuts through the heart of the state.
Ride across the beautiful countryside of central Alabama, passing through some charming villages along the way. The journey from Clanton to Selma offers a breathtaking view of Alabama’s Black Belt. There’s some beautiful farms, historic residences, and open space. It’s a pleasant ride all the way, especially between Rockford and Coopers, where the Coosa River is crossed on this Alabama motorcycle route.


  • AL-33, AL-195
  • DISTANCE: 46 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

If you’re in the area, the twisting roads of Alabama’s biggest National Forest are a must-see for motorbike riders. Take AL-33 through the woodland from Moulton to Jasper, then AL-195 to Jasper. Bluffs, canyons, natural springs, and lakes make up the varied scenery. If you want to cool off, take out one of the great waterfall treks or do some less strenuous open-air riding, there are four recreation zones to choose from. Enjoy the many historical landmarks that this dense journey has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the curviest road in Alabama?

The “Snake Way” is Alabama’s most curvy and steeply inclining route. It’s a 2.5-mile stretch of road in Jackson County that features several hundred feet of elevation changes and six hairpin curves.

Can motorcycles ride side by side in Alabama?

In Alabama, lane sharing is permissible as long as just two motorcyclists ride side by side or in a staggered arrangement. It is illegal to share a lane with more than two motorcycles. Motorcycles must pass in the next lane over while passing another vehicle.

Is Alabama a good place to ride a motorcycle?

Alabama is known as one of America’s top motorcycle destinations, with rolling hills, state parks, and the Gulf Coast highlighting its routes, which offer a variety of scenic and sporty motorcycle rides. AL is also home to the Natchez Trace Parkway, which is regarded as one of the top motorcycle routes in the country. Because it is located in the Southeast United States, the winters are mild, making it ideal for year-round motorcycle riding.

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