How to Draw a Football Helmet

Football Helmet

Complete the Football Helmet drawing just in 9 simple steps!

Drawing a football helmet can be a bit challenging, but with practice and patience, you can create a great-looking helmet. Here’s a step-by-step guide to drawing a football helmet:

When playing football, a helmet is a necessary piece of equipment. The goal of its design is to shield the football player’s head from harm.

You have come to the perfect site if you enjoy both sports and art. The secret to painting far more intricate sports drawings is learning how to sketch the necessary sporting goods.

The future? Soon, you may be able to depict a full football pitch with players passing the ball to one another.

In only 9 simple and quick stages, we have produced a step-by-step guide on how to draw a helmet.

Ultimate Guide to Draw a Football Helmet Step by Step

Each step-by-step instruction is accompanied by a picture to make it much simpler for you to follow.

This tutorial’s fun feature is that you may completely personalize the football helmet.

Have fun and use your artistic skills!

How to Draw a Football Helmet – Let’s get started!

Step 1: Start by drawing a circle for the top part of the helmet.

Football Helmet drawing

Step 2 – Time to Add the Faceguard of the Football Helmet

Football Helmet drawing

It is time to add the face mask to the football helmet.

Draw various curved, horizontal, and diagonal lines to represent the face mask.

Step 3 – Attach the Holder of the Faceguard at the Bottom of Part

How to draw Football Helmet

This time, we will add the holder of the face mask and the remaining parts of the face mask of our football helmet.

Use curved and diagonal lines to do so.

Step 4 – Finish the Faceguard by Adding More Curved and Diagonal lines

Football Helmet drawing

The football helmet is taking shape! It’s time to make it more realistic by adding more details about the football helmet (like helmet outline, face mask mounting clip, and face mask holder).

Use curved and diagonal lines to achieve this.

Step 5 – Complete the Football Helmet by Drawing the Peak and Cheek Pad

This is a continuation of the previous step. Add more details to the football helmet by drawing the outline of the helmet or cheek pad on the left side of the helmet.

Drawing a Football Helmet

Use curved lines to achieve this. Feel free to use the illustration as a guide to making sure you’re doing it right!

Step 6 – Add Another Cheek Pad on the Opposite Side

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side of the football helmet. This forms the cheek pad on the right side of the football helmet.

Drawing a Football Helmet

The football helmet is almost complete—keep going!

Step 7 – Next, Draw the Inner Part of the Football Helmet

Now, we will add more details about the football helmet.

Drawing a Football Helmet

Add more pads or linings by drawing curved lines to represent these.

Step 8 – Now, Draw the Details in the Shell of the Football Helmet

In this step, you will start adding customization to the football helmet.

Drawing a Football Helmet

You will add a curved line connecting the backside of the helmet shell and the face mask mounting clip.

Step 9: Afterwards, Add Any Design You Prefer at the Shell

This is a continuation of Step 8.

Drawing a Football Helmet

To further personalize the football helmet’s shell, we’ll add a very large star form.

It’s finally time to apply colour to the football helmet to bring it to life!

Add shading and highlights to create depth and dimension.

Drawing a Football Helmet

Finally, erase any unwanted lines and refine the details to create a finished football helmet drawing.

In order to make the football helmet bright, as you can see in the illustration, we added white, red, and several tones of grey.

You can choose to paint the football helmet the colour of your preferred football team or design a one-of-a-kind football helmet with special colours. In either case, we’re confident in the beauty of the colours!

Enjoy experimenting with colour and observe how the football helmet eventually comes to life!

Remember, the key to drawing a great football helmet is to practice and pay attention to the details. Study different helmet designs and pay attention to the small details that make each one unique. With time and practice, you’ll be able to create a fantastic football helmet drawing.

5 Tips To Make Your Football Helmet Drawing Even Better!

5 Tips To Make Your Football Helmet Drawing Even Better!

As we demonstrate how to make your football helmet look beautiful, get ready for sporting activity!

You have a lot of alternatives on how to approach this. You could, for instance, put the emblem of your preferred NFL club on the side.

Football helmets frequently contain ornamentation that represents the player’s team. You should definitely include that in your football helmet drawing.

You may use your own team’s logo if you participate in the sport yourself. Which football team would you pick for this helmet?

Continuing from the last suggestion, you should add colour to the football helmet sketch to complete it. If you want to represent a certain team, you would also need to choose these carefully because different teams will have different colours.

You may decide which artistic tools will best capture those colours once you have decided on the palette!

As helmets are intended to be worn, that is a fantastic approach to improve your football helmet drawing. There are lots of alternatives if you were to draw a head in the helmet.

Once more, you may employ a favourite professional athlete you respect. You might even try drawing yourself!

What style would you use for the head inside the football helmet?

You could still make a background even if no one is wearing the helmet to complete the scene. It’s possible that the helmet is keeping company with other football gear in a locker area.

There are many locations you could choose for this background, but it is just one that immediately springs to mind.

With this football helmet drawing, we have one more amusing idea that involves making it into a cartoon character. Using this method, you may design your own football mascot.

Just adding some eyes and cartoon limbs could accomplish this. What positions do you envision yourself giving such a character?

Your Football Helmet Drawing is Complete!

With the help of this step-by-step drawing instruction, perhaps you enjoyed drawing a football helmet. Maybe you can sketch a football player wearing a helmet now that you know how to draw a football helmet.

Check out our drawing tutorial for a football player if you want to learn how to draw.

You can use any of our drawing tutorials as a resource or a learning tool without paying a cent.

Remember to check back frequently because we are constantly adding new drawing tutorials to our “How to Draw” library.

Describe the next thing you want to draw, and we’ll try to make a drawing tutorial for it!

Completing a football helmet drawing is an achievement, so you should feel proud of yourself for finishing a masterpiece!

Share your work on our Facebook page and Pinterest so that we can all enjoy it. Do not be timid! We’re positive it looks fantastic!

Your drawing of a football helmet that looks realistic would be fantastic!

Frequently Ask Questions

How do you draw a simple football helmet?

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to drawing a football helmet:

  • Draw a horizontal oval shape for the main part of the helmet.
  • Draw a smaller, vertical oval shape on top of the first oval for the facemask.
  • Draw a horizontal line across the middle of the main oval for the helmet’s lower edge.
  • Draw a curved line at the top of the main oval for the helmet’s upper edge.
  • Draw a horizontal line across the facemask oval for the top of the mask.
  • Draw a curved line from each end of the top facemask line down to the bottom of the main oval for the sides of the mask.
  • Add details to the helmet, such as ventilation holes and stripes.
  • Finally, shade or color in the helmet as desired to add dimension and texture.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to try again and again until you’re satisfied with the result!

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