Here’s our comprehensive list of Tennessee’s top motorbike rides.

Tennessee is home to some of the country’s most famous motorcycle roads, ranging from the white-knuckled ‘Tail of the Dragon’ to the more leisurely and gorgeous Natchez Trace Parkway. In this wonderful state, there are plenty good motorbike rides to be found. So buckle up, because we’ve got some of Tennessee’s best motorbike roads right here! For a direct Google Maps route, click on the Tennessee motorbike map link. help to buy the best motorcycle helmets and sunglasses that you may love.

What Are The 8 Best Motorcycle Rides In Tennessee?

  1. Tail of the Dragon
  2. Cherohala Skyway
  3. Foothills Parkway
  4. Natchez Trace Parkway
  5. Tennessee Route 232
  6. Newfound Gap Road
  7. Tennessee Route 421
  8. Devil’s Triangle


  • Route 129/115
  • DISTANCE: 12 miles
  • TIME: 25 mins

The road is perhaps the most recognized among motorcyclists, with 318 turns in just 11 miles. The appeal of this adventure is actually just riding it. This section of US 129 is a magnificent piece of road, properly engineered in banking, immaculately paved, and having a pleasing cadence of tight turns. There are no intersecting roads or driveways to obstruct your progress, but due to the road’s popularity, there will almost always be a large number of riders in front of and behind you. Nonetheless, this Tennessee motorcycle road is unlike any other, and it should be on every accomplished motorcyclist’s “bucket list.


  • Route 165
  • DISTANCE: 24 miles (TN SIDE)
  • TIME: 35 mins

This motorcyclist’s fantasy road reaches elevations of over 5400 feet and is known as “a drive among the clouds.” Tellico Plains is the starting point for Tennessee’s share of this fantastic route, which continues through North Carolina. The road is lined by breathtaking highland woodland beauty. While the Tail of the Dragon receives the majority of the attention, many riders will agree that this Tennessee motorcycle road is more pleasurable because it is longer and has less traffic.


  • DISTANCE: 32 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

Because there are no billboards, residences, or business structures, this peaceful 2-lane road is a fantastic motorcycle road in Tennessee. The Foothills Parkway is as spotless as they come. With gentle turns, straightaways, and panoramic mountain views, the southern part offers a relaxing ride. The northern part of the trail becomes a little more technical. Make a point of stopping at several of the scenic views along the way.


  • DISTANCE: 100 miles (TN SIDE)
  • TIME: 2 hours

While traversing the hills on this all-American motorbike road, you’ll be treated to plenty of gorgeous natural sights. The Natchez is about 100 miles long in Tennessee, but it continues south through Alabama and Mississippi. Motorcyclists will love this road because commercial traffic is prohibited and there are no stop signs or stop lights! Simply cruise through Tennessee’s stunning countryside and historic attractions on one of the best motorcycle trips in the state.


  • US-441
  • DISTANCE: 36 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour

Travelers rise nearly 3,000 feet from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, through pine-oak and northern hardwood woodland to reach the evergreen forest at Newfound Gap (5,046′). The ride to the North Carolina border is around 17 miles, and the ride down to Cherokee, NC on the other side of the park is about 19 miles. Even in the summer, expect lower temperatures as you climb higher. Newfound Gap is really the park’s lowest drive-able pass. This road features not just major altitude changes, but also switchbacks and a full ‘corkscrew’ – all on nicely maintained pavement. It’s preferable to ride during off-peak tourist season, as this road may get quite congested. Early in the morning


  • TN-232
  • DISTANCE: 14 miles
  • TIME: 20 min

This Tennessee motorcycle trip, dubbed “Tennessee’s Baby Dragon” by many, is a very short yet worthy undertaking. Many riders may use this stretch of road to prepare for the more challenging Deals Gap, which is a continuous succession of turns and corners (route above). Sweepers outnumber tight turns in this area. It’s a wonderful motorbike road that’s best ridden in the spring or fall to take in Tennessee’s best beauty.


  • US-421/TN-34
  • DISTANCE: 23 miles
  • TIME: 40 min

This section of TN-421, sometimes known as “The Snake Highway,” runs from Mountain City to Holston Valley and passes through the Cherokee National Forest. The route goes on the peak of the mountain top at 3500 feet, and it’s a gorgeous and tough ride with tight curves and switchbacks. The picturesque mountains and valleys with amazing panoramas will appeal to motorcyclists. This Tennessee motorbike road is also very well maintained, which adds to its allure. In fact, you’ll want to go back and do it again because this ride is so enjoyable.


  • TN-62, TN-116,TN-330
  • DISTANCE: 44 miles
  • TIME: 1 hour 15 min

The Devils Triangle, located in the Cumberland Plateau highlands, is home to some of Tennessee’s most bizarre two-lane winding roads. The tight winding bends are as good as the Tail of the Dragon, but there are even more obstacles: deep rock-strewn gullies just off the pavement, ragged, rusted steel guard rails, sheer drop-offs, and rock cliffs offer no room for error. The portion of 116 is especially enjoyable since it features sweeping bends and sharp 180s that keep your attention. The road is in decent shape, but there are a few sections where riders may encounter gravel, and the route has some patchwork in a few places.

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